at w&l, we believe our family deserves nothing but the best.
we’re inspired by our adorable little pug puchki, and millions of
other four-legged furry babies and pet parents across india.
Bone Appétit!

Why ?


Our recipes are brought to life in a state-of-the-art, GMP+ & IFS certified facility in Europe.


Each bag is packed with select fresh & pure natural ingredients, that's our promise!


Exceed AAFCO (USA) & FEDIAF (EU) gold standards on canine nutrition for all ages & breeds.


As a family run venture, everything we do is inspired by the love for dogs.


Wondering what makes Exceptionally fresh & natural


Our Recipes are brought to life using the freshest & Purest natural ingredients

  • Fresh, Deboned Dutch Chicken
  • Norwegian Fresh Salmon Meat
  • Norwegian Pure Salmon Oil
  • Fresh meats added within 48 hours
  • Goodness of fruits & vegetables
  • Ayurvedic Herbs
  • Natural Antioxidants


our innovations have led us to a revolutionary packaging solution, “mini-pack technology”
- perfectly suited for indian conditions, and, a first for any dry food in the doggie universe!

Our revolutionary “Mini-Pack Technology” makes use of metal foil coated and portion controlled “Mini-Packs” that are then flushed with a specially developed mixture of Nitrogen & Carbon dioxide gases, before being sealed in a secondary, outer packaging.

This multi-layered isolation enables complete protection against molds & insects, extended shelf life and greater nutrients stability. The CO2/N2 offers incredible product freshness & aromas for an exceptionally long lasting palatability. What more, no more storage worries, as every "Mini'Pack" is portion controlled and can be used within a few days, while keeping rest of the pack unopened and fresh as new. 

What makes so fresh & natural?

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Goodness of fresh meats, fruits & veggies.

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Naturally hypoallergenic: single source meat.

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No artificial preservatives, colours, flavours. GMO free.

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No grains, corn, gluten, soy, beef or pork.

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Herbs & natural antioxidants.

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“Mini-packs” for max freshness & shelf life.

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Nitrogen-flushed packs to preserve nutrients.

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Metal coated packs preserve flavour & palatability.


surely you want to know why is considered a superfood?

for all the love and joy our canines showers on us, the best we can offer them is great nutrition and health.

all of our products exceed the aafco (usa), nrc (usa) & fediaf (eu) gold standards on canine
nutrition, so that you can rest assured that your baby is getting nothing but the best.

For our furry canine babies, we truly believe in the goodness of “fresh meat first”, always!

  • Fresh chicken or salmon meat - always 1st ingredient
  • Deboned meat
  • No byproducts meal
  • Human grade

This ensures better preservation of nutrients, leaner and richer proteins, high palatability and digestibility.

All our products are “Grain Free” and rich in animal products to replicate mother nature’s natural diet for your canine kid!

  • High inclusion level of chicken/salmon (45-55%)
  • Potato, Sweet potatoes & Peas: high nutrition source of carbs

This supports stool consistency, positive effect on insulin response, lower glycemic index, lowers risk of allergies and metabolic health.


is Superfood?


Why is a Gold Standard in Dry Dog Food?

Each Wag & Love kibble is brought to life in a state-of-the-art GMP+ and IFS certified facility in Europe, after a rigorous set of quality control and assurance procedures and adherence to the FEDIAF, NRC and AAFCO guidelines.