Wag & love's official chief inspiration officer;
she bought joy into our lives the moment she set paw into our door!

Not so long ago, Puchki suffered from severe food based allergies.

As doting parents, this inspired us to research & understand her health problems, and got us thinking, how many other pet parents in India are facing similar issues?

So, we set out to develop our own natural dog food with world-renowned canine nutrition scientists in the US & EU.

Using a holistic nutrition approach, our recipes were made from fresh meat, zero grains, free of artificial flavors or preservatives, loads of fruits, vegetables, herbs and other natural ingredients.

Puchki was soon back to her ever-loving, tail-wagging self!
And with this, Wag & Love was born.

Imagined in India. Made in Europe.


Inspired by dogs and their love for us, we are dedicated to a holistic approach to nutrition and delivering a new-age, ultra-
premium, and natural dog food, with an honesty and affordability that dogs and their parents in India can count on.


"Man's best friend?, they say.
We'd like to make an amendment:
"Dogs aren't just our friends, they're family!

Wag & Love is a family-run venture with a vision to make a difference
in the well-being of the pet community in India.

We are not a run-of-the-mill, solely for-profit venture. We are, and intend to remain, a small, family-owned company,
maintaining highly lean and efficient operations, focusing on channeling all our resources to offer the best food we can to our
furry friends.